Campus Invasions

Pursuing a career in SAP is a big decision best made during a student’s university life, because it informs co-curricular activities they best fit in. From this year, TTCS is taking information on SAP careers right to the students!

Enter ttcs.uni Campus Invasions
Campus Invasions are special visits teams from TTCS are going to be making to universities to speak to chosen participants. The visits will involve open talks on information relating to careers in SAP including basic education on SAP and TTCS, their products and services, SAP certification and employment prospects for SAP worldwide as well as specific information on the ttcs.uni Graduate Trainee Programme.

ttcs.uni Student Community
The ttcs.uni Student Community is a society of students aspiring to take up careers in SAP. The primary objective of the community is to educate students on SAP and ICTs in general, while allowing for rich exchanges among students on topical issues relating to SAP, technology and business through forums, blogs and social networks. Only students who have been part of the campus invasions will be offered admission into the ttcs.uni student community.

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